What is the SwitchBlade™ Rack?

The SwitchBlade™ is a patent pending solution to the hassle and pain of affixing and removing attachments (bike racks, ski racks, boxes, etc.) to a roof top sports rack system. The quick release system allows you to slide your attachments (and gear for that matter!) on and off the roof of your vehicle in seconds! Check out the videos of SmartCrossbars™ in action on the website to see just how easy it really is.

Why do I need the SwitchBlade™?

Because you're not a contortionist, dropping (and losing) small nuts and bolts while bloodying your knuckles and fingers in a futile attempt to do something as simple as change out the attachments on your vehicle. And, because you'd rather use your workbench and hallways as something other than storage for your gear and attachments. Want to know how? Read on!

What's different about the SwitchBlade™ from ordinary crossbars?

SwitchBlades™ put the affixing mechanism in the crossbars, not on the attachment, so you can attach and remove them from your crossbars in seconds! What's more, SmartStorage™ units are designed with the same dimensions as SmartCrossbars™, so all your attachments go directly from your wall (or ceiling) to your roof-top and back again. Integrated storage! It's a beautiful thing.

How do I determine if SwitchBlades™ will fit my car?

SwitchBlades™ will fit on nearly all cars. Check out our Fit Guide.

I already have a rack on top of my car; how does this work for me?

If you have either round or square crossbars, you simply remove your existing round or square bars, purchase and install SwitchBlade™ crossbars in their place. You can "evolve" your existing attachments (bike racks, ski racks, boxes, etc.) to the SwitchBlade™ interface by purchasing and installing the various adapter kits. Add storage to your wall or ceiling to enjoy the complete system upgrade which, by the way, is priced affordably to keep its functionality within reach!

I have a factory rack on my car; what should I do?

Check out our packages for vehicles with factory-installed racks!

I don't have a rack on my car at all; what do you recommend?

We have complete packages to fit nearly any need. Check out our fit guide; if you don't see your vehicle listed, check for towers from Thule or Yakima. The SwitchBlade™ is compatible with most round or square crossbar centric towers.

Do you recommend any existing attachments that work best with the SwitchBlade™?

We don't recommend any particular brand, but in order to take full advantage of the SwitchBlade™ quick release system, you should look for light and manageable attachments. This will make it easier to attach and remove them from your vehicle as well as from your SmartStorage™ units.

Are SwitchBlade™ racks hard to install?

It couldn’t be any easier! Your SwitchBlade™ rack installs just like standard round or square crossbars. Then a couple of simple adjustments and it's ready to go.

Are your Adapter Kits hard to install?

On the contrary, they're very easy to install! Each Adapter Kit has been designed to require a minimum of fussing on your side. They all arrive with our patent pending slider blocks already installed, ready to fit into your SwitchBlade™. All you'll have to do is tighten a couple of bolts onto your attachments, which you used to do every time you install or remove them anyway! Just think, this is the last time you'll ever have to do that!

What if my bike attachment, ski attachment, or cargo box is not on the list for Adapter Kits?

We will accommodate virtually any bike attachment, ski attachment of cargo box. Let us know what you have at info@wasatchpowdermonkeys.com and we'll get back to you.

Why do I need SmartStorage™ units?

Well, you don't HAVE to have them…. But you really do NEED them. SmartStorage™ units complete the system to provide integrated storage of your attachments and gear. Once they are installed in your garage or equipment room or wherever you keep your stuff, it'll be ready at a moment's notice to slide onto your vehicle and head out! When you're not using your gear, it'll be organized, out of the way and out of the weather!

Not seeing your question? No problem, just send us an email on the Contact page, and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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